Friday, November 28, 2014

A Wizard's Spell

A Wizard's Spell
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Paranormal Romance


He met her the day he died: After separating from his bloody body in the emergency room, Pierce goes for a walkabout and discovers a woman announcing her pregnancy to a man who proposes she get an abortion. After getting reunited with his body and surviving an involved surgery, Pierce decides he needs to find this woman, and help her, since he believes concentrating on her helped him survive.


CeeDee becomes enchanted with Pierce until she realizes all he has done is lie to her.

She believes just discovering she was pregnant is not the best time to start a new romance, but Pierce is charming and captures her heart, until she realizes everything he has told her is a lie.


They are chased by assassins: the wizards want to strip Pierce from all his powers since they believe CeeDee’s child is his. Andrew, an evil wer-wizard wants her dead because she can identify him.


He takes her to magical worlds where everything is unbelievable

For what can be more unbelievable than finding true love?