Monday, September 2, 2013

The Frog Kiss
Due October 3rd from Tirgearr Publishing.

Fantasy Romance


She kissed a Frog.

Shauna was having a bad day when on a fit of whimsy she bent down and kissed a frog.

A second later a handsome man filled her arms and her dreams.

Her kiss transformed him

With her kiss, Mica Blank found himself losing control, transforming back into a man.

As a fifteen year old boy, Mica got three wishes from a genie and since then he felt his life was out of his control. He was a rock star, a famous artist, a best selling writer, and an entrepreneur but nothing made him happy. He felt he could not take credit for anything he did or said. Then her kiss made everything clear for him. He realized although he could transform into any plant or animal living or extinct, his greatest passion was being a man, for as a man he could love Shauna.

Then he had to give her up to prove his love

The genie told Mica that magic could not exist in the face of true love, but to save Shauna’s life on their honeymoon, he had to transform. Shauna and Mica fear that if he could transform, then she is not his one true love causing the marriage to be over before it even begins.


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